Monday, November 14, 2005


In light of recent events I thought a trip down memory lane was in order...

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And now a poem by an obscure Australian poet:

How I miss those simpler times,
and all the fun we shared.
For no matter what pranks we played,
we knew each other cared.

What I wouldn't give right now,
to somehow regain,
the innocence of those times,
instead of this current pain.

The loss of friends is hard to bare;
they forever haunt your heart.
You try your best to stay strong,
even as you fall apart.

Life must, of course, move along its path,
yet change is sometimes fast.
All you can really do to cope,
is pray your friendships last.

Whether by distance, deed or death,
you find your friends do wane,
take heart and have faith that you’ll,
see them once again.

I have valued your friendship over the years more than you know.
Thank you for the laughs. I hope we have many still to share.
At least you have your accountancy to fall back on, right? =)

Your friend always,